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Chickenpox (also in baby)

I think Tyler has got chickenpox. In the last hour he has got little red pimples come up over his body (about 12) he isnt itchy and seems ok in himself although has had a rough week after last Saturdays episode. Whats the best way to go about this as having 4 im willing to bet they are all gonna go down with it. Is it dangerous for Emily (6weeks)

thanks ladies



  • My niece had it when my nephew was born and he got a handful of spots. He's fine but def. tell your doc. if she develops any spots. My nephew has never had them again in fact he's one or two bouts of shingles instead.
  • thanks ladies

    well its deffo chicken pox they are popping up everywhere now In a way Im glad so we can get it all over and done with in the holidays rather than them missing school. MM - I bet you had your hands full when your brood had them!

    Thanks again

  • Oooo you have my sympathies! DS got them the first week of the Easter hols last year then DD started 2 weeks to the day after! He wasn't too bad once the spots came, she was a lot worse! I found that 2 cool baths a day with lots of bi carb of soda really helped dry the spots out and you can get something called Poxclin (or something like that) from Boots which didn't do anything for DS but seemed to help DD. Calomine cream and short finger nails are the way forward.
    Good luck!
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