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MadeForMums comps 2015: comments, queries and suggestions!

Hello everyone

This is a thread for anyone with questions, queries or suggestions about the comps we run on MadeForMums.

Just add a post here if you have anything to ask us, and we'll do our very best to answer as quickly as possible.

Good luck with them all!


  • Several of you have mailed in (thank you!) to let us know that all our comps are currently not displaying the answers to the questions. Arrgh!

    We've let our tech folks know - and we're hoping to get this fixed as soon as poss. But, as it's the weekend, we hope you'll bear with us for a wee bit on this one.

    Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon – and you'll all be able to enter the comps again as normal. 

    Apols for the bug - goodness knows how that happened!

  • How comes you still haven't announced the winners of the first made for mums meme app fisher price goodies? I'm aware that there is a new one running but in your terms and conditions the first one you ran explained winners were announced on the 2nd of July?

  • Hiya Marie1608, that doesn't sound right at all. Let us look into this for you and we'll come back to you shortly.

  • What a quick reply! Excellent!

  • Hiya Marie1608, just to let you know the winners have been announced now which you can see here. Thanks so much for nudging us!

  • I was just wondering if the winner of the Silvercross Pioneer had been announced yet as it's not on your winners page?

  • Hi Kitkat985, we're just finding out when the winner of that competition will be announced and then we'll pop you another post as soon as we know... back in a jiff!

  • In the meantime, here's where you can see the most recent winners for the past few months of competitions.

  • Hi Kitkat985, all the latest winners have been updated now. Good luck!

  • Hi i can see i won one of the Lamaze bundles from Tomy announced 28/08/15, but i havent recieved it yet or an email, Thanks Leanne :) 

  • Hi leanne tobin2, congratulations on your win! We normally say to allow 28 days for delivery of your prize (sometimes the PR firms don't email at all) so if we can ask you to hold out another 10 days or so, that would be fab. If nothing happens within this time, please do drop us an email at [email protected]

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