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always same comp winners?

i always see the same winners winning the competitions ????

im always entering ect n never wom a thing... 

just bad luck

i rekon


  • Hi yummymummyto3.

    We're sorry you've not been a winner of any of the MadeForMums competitions yet. How disappointing! (If it makes you feel any better, we can't even enter - because we work here - so we definitely feel your pain!), but we can promise you the way the winners are selected is truly random. What happens is, all the people
    that enter with the correct answers are put into a third-party 'randomiser' computer programme, so the computer selects the winners.

    It's all totally computer generated, so we truly couldn't manipulate the results (even if we wanted to, and we certainly don't want to do that).

    We do want to wish you the best of luck though, entering the current
    comps which can be found here.

  • How do you see who won????

    I also enter them all but it's just the luck of the draw xxx

  • Here you go sarah rowland2 - fingers crossed! Bookmark it!

    Competiton Winners!

  • No win for me this time, do you get an email if your a lucky winner??

  • Yes, all winners get a mail, sarah rowland2. Hope you get one next time image

  • Fingers crossed lol comping is fun love it xx

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