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MadeForMums comps: comments, queries and suggestions!

Hello everyone

This thread is for anyone with questions, queries or suggestions about the comps we run on MadeForMums.

Just add a post here if you have anything to ask us, and we'll do our very best to answer as quickly as possible.

Good luck with them all!



  • If you win the comp do you have to be based in the UK or do you ship the prize abroad? I just know there are a lot of people using the site who don't live in the UK. I for one live in Ireland so was just curious about it

  • Hi sio39, good question! Most of our comps are likely to only be open to residents of
    the UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands
    only) but it's really up to the prize supplier, as they pay the postage.

    We recomend checking the full terms and conditions of each comp, and these can be found in a link at the end of every competition page.

  • Hi

    I was just wondering how often you update the comp winners page, some comps ended early april but not yet updated with the winners, was just curious incase I was a winner.

    Great website, Thanks.

  • Hello,

    I received an email on 11th April saying I'd won the rainforest jumperoo and bouncer competition. I still haven't received the prizes, its been almost a month, just wondered if this is normal? Would you be able to find out if they have been sent please?

    Many thanks!

  • Hiya Beth1992, congratulations on your win! But sorry it hasn't arrived yet. Would you mind popping us over an email to [email protected] with your details in and we'll look into this for you?

  • Hiya cookie123, thanks for your post. We're going to check exactly how often the comp winners page is updated, and we'll drop you a post back letting you know.

  • Hi cookie123, thanks for reminding us. The winners have been notified but we'll get those winners names up on the list ASAP.

  • Hi I'm sure there was a competition something to do with lego about going to lego place worth £500 and I was said that it's tickets to go on 12 of June but it's 12th of June today and results never been posted anywhere?? Bit confused now because I starting to think that I imagine that but I'm sure it was.

  • Hi shristain, thanks for posting - would you mind dropping us an email to [email protected] so we can look into this further please? Also, if you have had any emails about winning the comp, please forwrd them over too. Thanks.

  • image this one. Never seen any winners posted anywhere 

  • Any news on lego competition winners?

  • Hiya shristain, just heard back and unfortunately it wasn't you this time for the Lego Friend's comp - sorry image Lego got in touch directly with the winner, and sorry we've been a bit tardy uploading the winners name, we're trying to get to it as soon as we can.

  • Hi, I've just received my Babyblooms basket, it gorgeous, many thanks! X

  • Oh hooray brummymum, thanks for letting us know and congratulations! 

  • Hi Danielle,


    Just wondered  if the names for the 24 prizes for Christmas night be announced shortly?



  • Hi cookie123, sorry it has taken us a while to come back to you. We have just posted the winners for this competition here. Good luck! 

  • Thanks Danielle

    If you remember there was a competition prize every day from dec 1- dec 24th. I was wondering when these would be announced, as I entered quite a few of them.

  • Hi cookie123, that's the 24 days, 24 Lego prizes competition and you can see the list of winners on this page here. If you scroll to the bottom of the page they are all there. 

  • Thanks for the information. We will check the now onwards on regular basis. 

  • Hi - I have just noticed I won one of your £50 James and the Giant Peach prizes. (I googled my name and competition wins). But I have never received any notification about this prize and haven't received it. Please could you tell me how I could claim it?

    Thanks :) 

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