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Any one know how long competition prizes take to arrive

hi all, i got an email saying i have won a prize bundle of £250 worth of toys and games. As you can guess i am pretty excited to recoeve it and see what we get i just wondered if anyone else has won a comp and how long the prize took to arrive


  • Hi Sebbie1952, congratulations on your prize win. Usually prizes are delivered within 14 days of us letting you know you have won. If it has been longer than this, please do drop us an email with all the details to [email protected] and we'll look into it for you right away. 

  • I recieved yesturday! Super quick will post a photo when the children are not about as saving for christmas! Thanks so mich 

  • Are we are so happy they arrived! And we would love a pic, but don't spoil the Christmas surprise! We hope they love them. 

  • imageThanks so much for our prize

  • Sebbie1952, thank you so much for sharing this picture - I have actually played with that ice cream cart and it is SO MUCH fun! you might want to have a go before giving it to the kids 😉

  • We have already had a play 😂 and hidden it my daughter is going to love it!. We love books in our house so were really pleased with our prize thanks again

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