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Spooky Ideas for Halloween.

Halloween is a real family occasion.   My daughter and I love making spooky treats together and awaiting a reaction when we serve them out.  Chocolately cornflake cakes with finely chopped red glace cherries dotted over them.  Spooky sausages dipped with a little black treacle at the end.  Coconut macaroons with blood red icing dripping down them with chocolate sprinkles on the top of them.  Garlicky  buttered baking potatoes (garlic is meant to keep ghosts away). Cooked raspberries for dessert served in a black glass bowl; with a few whole cooked cherries floating on the top. Tasty but a little offputting too.    We just enter into the spirit of the season and enjoy some good food too, and then there has got to be a ghost story to watch on the tv when we are all feeling contented or even a re-reading of The Signalman by Charles Dickens whilst we visualise the signal box not too far from our own home……


  • I saw a great Halloween fruit platter the other day- just fake eyes on the fruit, oranges with little green stalks on so they look like pumpkins, and carrots cut to look like little ghosts. So cute!
  • I'm pretty happy about this addition to the year. I have been gifted with a skull cake pan, but at my Halloween parties, cake is not a crowd-pleaser. What IS a crowd-pleaser 
    is my bread with pepperoni. To make sure that the pan would maintain the shape, this was just a simple prototype. Going to make some standard loaves to break up and split progressively like vertebrae going down the center of the table. Some marinara on the ends, it's gotta be fun!
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