Fertility referral

As you may have guessed if you have read any of my recent posts, hubby & me have been referred for fertility testing.

I was just wondering if any of you guys have been through this, as I'm a bit unsure what to expect!

I've been for my blood tests, that have been messed up twice, so I'm going to have them repeated on 23 September, & hubby is having his done at the same time. I know these tests are for HepB, HepC, Reubella & to find out my blood group, but after this I have no idea.

I'm guessing that once they finally manage to do these (third time lucky!?!) my GP will then send the referral to the specialist.

What happens when you go to see them? Is there a long wait? I've had a look on the internet to try to get more information, but ended up more confused than when I started!!!

Any help would be great!


  • Sorry but I am no help at all here!

    Fingers crossed that they manage to sort things out for you though!!

  • Thank you! At least I've got an idea what to expect now.

    I've got my cycle history as I've been charting on Fertility Friend, so I'll get that all printed off to take to the appointment. I know that my family history has fertility problems, as it took my parents 12 years to conceive!

    We're having our blood tests done next week, so hopefully things will start moving soon! I can't help but be  impatient!!! It's exciting but terrifying all at the same time!!!

  • Hi sorry no experience either, just wanted to say I hope they manage to sort things out for you x x
  • Hi Ya hun,

    I havent got that far hun so cant offer any advice but can offer you a shoulder to grumble on and chat to image

    Good Luck hun and hope that it gives you some answers image xxx

  • I have just gone through my first cycle of IVF and it didn't work as I didn't make any eggs which was utterly devasting, I never thought that this feeling of loss and lack of control over my body could be so engulfing. Saying that however, we are going for a second cycle in August!

    The most important thing is not to let it engulf you or your life because it can, don't forget why you're with your person that your with and let them know how mch you rely and love them. My hubby felt very out of control and ex-cluded although we did the injections together etc. Hope it has worked for you as this is quite an old blog


  • Sorry to hear it hasn't worked for you this time.Hope you have better luck next time.
    Take care,best of luck for the future
  • im being reffered to a fertility person aswell iv had my blood tests done on the 21day and my partner has had his sperm done and iv had scans and stuff so dont no what they will do at the hospital?? hope yours goes ok good luck xx
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