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Ok, I'm back and still upset...

HI Ladies!

You'll see my post below... we're still trying, though not as feverishly. We got a puppy in August which has satisfied some of my maternal urges - i.e. I don't practically burst into tears when I see babies!

I have, however, been recording my temps for nearly 3 months now and they have not peaked at all to show ovulation. I am gonna keep doing my temps and then take them to the female doc in January to show her the results. From what I've researched, this is obviously the reason we're not getting pregnant.

In January it will have been a year since I came off the pill. Periods are still all over the place, coming on for 80% of each month at random times.

Getting a little depressed. Thought you ladies might have some pearls of wisdom for me from your own experiences!

I, like many of you, have a LOAD of friends getting preggers without any stress or planning barely and I SOOOOO want to be one of them!

Anyway thanks!


  • I cant offer much advice but it took me a fourteen months to conceive after only being on the pill 2years. it was so hard waiting so long, good luck, try to relax, and as hard as it is concentrate on other things wed about given up then i felt ill and found out i was 12ks pg! then when jack was 6mnths i was pg again, Good luck take care xxx

  • Hi

    We are still trying, in the 6th month of trying now and I'm fustrated already.

    I've bought some of those home fertility tests for both me and the hubby. Someone told me that if you take one of these and it isn't a favourable result the doctor takes it seriously even if you haven't been trying for a year.

    So going to give them a go anyway x

  • my temps never peeked and i fell pregnant 3 times! don't take body temps as gospal, you've got to look for other signs too. look for ewcm, sort of sticky gunk that comes out when you ovualte, get ya fingers up ya and have a feel of your cervix, is it soft, where does it lie etc.

    a site i found quite helpful was called or not sure. try having a read of that x

  • My temps never peaked either and im now mummy to isabelle!!!

    Try lying down on the floor with your bum on a wall and your legs in the air after having "you know what"!!image

  • hope your feeling better today and that something happens for you soon.
  • What sort of dog have you got? I got a dog to satisfy my maternal instinct and then I fell pregnant!typical!!!
  • Pester your doctor until they help you just to get them a break. At least you might feel more relaxed knowing you are moving a step closer. It will happen. One way or another. Chin up and relax. I know its hard when your seeing kids everywhere.

    After I had India who was stillborn I knew it might be an issue so I threw myself in the deep end and went to vivist a friend who's baby was 3 days younger, she went into labou with the shock of my news. And we spent the afternoon together. I felt like everyone was watching me for a reaction. Everyone was shocked when I said it weird watching him move. After I had India of course she didnt move so it was new to me. But it helped. It was hard for the first half hour but then I was not scared at seeing people in the street with prams. It might help. It helped me. 

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