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hi im new

hiya my name is kirsty im 21 yrs old.....................

im new on this i'v been looking through google finding info on how to try to conceive and i'v tried it all and nothing lol...... i'v been trying for about a year now.

I have a little girl called Freyja rose she will be 3 in december image my lil princess .but im ready for another now .............its a nightmare getting enagaged at christmas i hope lol.....i'v been giving hints...

i cant seem to put pics on here aswell because theyare to big argh!!! lol so i'v got msn if anybody's wants to chat im usualy on when freyjas gone to bed lol not before as i dnt get chance....

[email protected]


  • hello hun, im in the same boat, ive got a son but im so ready for another baby. have you tried ovulation tests? have you been to doctors to get them to run some tests? do you have regular periods?

    im always here if you feel like a chat x

  • HI Kirsty

    I'm Cheryl; welcome to the site. Me and my hubby are ttc our first, its our its our 6th month of trying now. I'm here too if you ever need to chat x x 

  • Hi kirsty,

    Welcome to pp, I'm Karen and we are also ttc our second baby. We have a 14 month old daughter called Hollie but we too are ready for another. xx 

  • hi kirsty welcome to pp, I hope you find some helpful advice on here for you. good luck
  • Hi Kristy

    I'm sophie. I'm 27 and still without child.  I was trying to conceive before my hubby and I went through problems and lived in separate houses for about 3 months now. We are slowly working things out so hopefully i'll have a bundle of joy of my own next year. Good luck! Talk to you soon image 

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