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hi all am still ttc it has now been about 4 and half years am going to ring the hospital on tuesday to have my lap and dye then i can find out if there is anythink wrong

good luck to all you girls ttc 

jade xxx


  • Hope they fit you in for an appt asap Jade, I shall continue to have everything crossed for you x
  • thanks hun xxxx
  • Hi jade, iv bn ttc for a 12 mths now.

    Good luck with you appt. A friend of mine had some sort of dy and mini procedure and conceived before her next appt-so fingers crossed for you. How long were you trying before you went to gp? (if you dont mind me asking?)

  • Hi jade ....

    sorry to hear your still ttc hun ....

    i hope things go alright  when you go to the hospital...

    i am still ttc number 3 at the moment but im on month 4 at the moment..

    someone should off told us that it is a rollercoster ttc a baby ...


  • hi mummabear

    i have been ttc for 3 years befor i went to the docyors wich i got told of for by the doctors but never mind am still young so am not to worried but paul is as he is 16 years older then me

    the way i see it is it will happen when it happens

    hope to chat soon

    jade xxx

  • Yeah,thats true it will happen when it does,frustrating tho?

    Well I'm 32 and the big guy 40 in few months,but we have got 2 under 3 so cant be much wrong. Just seems to take forever for us. Good luck to you hun x x x

  • well am 22 an he is 38 so bit of an age gap

    good luck jade xxx

  • Age gap shouldnt be prob,men are so lucky-they produce til their 80's dont they?!!!!!!!

    Your young so prob nowt to worry about,is that why doc reluctant to help? Did he think you were too young to worry? I tried for 14mth for my first,at 29,the minute I started a project to take my mind off repeat testing,along he came!!!! Got a nice kitchen finished before he was born too!!!!! x

  • best of luck jade, hope things go well for you xxx
  • Jade, hope you are ok. When is your appt?
    P x
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