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advice please

hi i have pcos and on CD 11 i think n had nothing bt backache and n niggles n twinges since the weekend was wondering wot cud it be .

thank in advance


  • Hi baby100,

    Do you have a normal cycle length, or are they eratic/long? It might not be reproductively related. I sometimes think I'm having period pains/ovulation twinges, but then I just have trapped wind!

    But if you're quite regular, it might be ovulation, or implantation cramping?
  • hi my cycle are nt regular never have been every 3 months my doc gives me a weeks worth of pills to help bring on a period other than that i dont seem to have them , i we to c her yesterday n she has dropped abig bombshell that she doesnt want me getting my bfp until i loose some weight which got me really upset n down,
  • I know how you feel, don't worry- I know very well that losing weight will most likely reduce the pcos symptoms, but I just can't seem to do very well! But I like to think that I will be a better, active mummy once I do lose weight. FC'd for both of us getting some motivation!

    Basically, it is your body, though and I know plenty of overweight people who get pregnant!
  • me n my hubby are now looking in to other ways of either getting us a bfp n loosing the weight faster coz it is coming off just nt fast enuf for me, we have bee on this long boring n stressfil rollercoaster for 4 yrs n ive just about had enuf n it aint doing my mental health any good either i get depressed more ofter these days n some days i can just burst in to tears even when nt talking about this subject even to a doctor, i never used to get depressed b4 ttc n my pcos

    thank 4 ya advice anyways
  • This losing weight thing is pants!

    I am in an office full og girls all doing weight watchers and they keep coming in having lost lots and have all now reached past the 7lb mile stone and little old me has lost just 3lb.....

    Now I know that the dr suspects pcos I am soo happy that I know why it's taking longer and has spurred me on to keep going.....

    I know its hard and that the journey can be the hardest - mine so far is nearly six years and I have been happy sad angry depressed but I just keep the hope that one day it will happen.

    If you need to see a different dr and talk it all through with fresh ears - worked for me.

    If you need to rant we are all here xxxx
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