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A happy ending story for you..

Hey ladies,

I thought i would just write my story on here for you.

My hubby and i got married March 2009. I came off the Pill in January 2009, what with the wedding etc i really didnt have time to think about anything, as much as we did want to be trying for a baby. After our Honeymoon, which we returned from in April i realised i still hadnt gotten my period. Naturally i took a pregnancy test for it to come up negative, the first of many let downs. Anyway i called the docs said no sign of period and got passed around from pillar to post. Anyway me being me i didnt take no for an answer, i pushed and pestered them until someone saw me, this was now May. So i finally got an appointment and was told we wont do anything for a year. I said even with no sign of a period at which they said, 'i admit thats not right' so off i went for a scan to see if they could see anything. Sure enough my gut instict that something wasnt right was true. I have PCOS, really bad on one side and not sooo bad the other.

As im sure all you ladies have experienced, this is when i felt horrid, so useless and knew we would have a struggle on our hands. It also doesnt help that my hubby has a cyst in one of his tubes from his testicle, so as you can imagine we were really down heartened. The docs said that they could look at treatment for us but as we were young (24 and 25) that they would want us to wait a bit longer etc.

So off we went i read into it all and i had already quit smoking but my hubby decided to as well (we only smoked 5-10 a day anyway). So after ages we had all but given up hope and with the docs not being supportive because we were young i didnt really push them anymore.

Well May 2010 came round (15 months of trying) and i just had a really funny feeling that something was different, i had actually been bleeding for 3 weeks, not heavy but different. So i have no reason why but i did a pregnancy test! Lo and behold there was a positive. I couldnt believe it. I rang the docs made appointments etc. All was ok but i was at risk because i was bleeding. Well i bled right up until 13 weeks. Now i am nearly 38 weeks pregnant and cannot wait for my little boy to be born.

I guess i just wanted to write this up here as i know how disheartening it can be to hear you have PCOS but it really doesnt have to be the end. Keep your spirits up and im sure a lot of you will fall pregnant much quicker than i did!

I dont know if this would have helped anyone or not but just thought it may be nice for some of you to read someone elses story!



  • very happy to hear your story! Congratulations xx
  • congratulations

    this has helped me a lot i have POS and lost a baby early on last year so being pregnant again this year has had me worried something will gowrong. its really nice to read a happy ending it gives me a little more confidence. thank you x
  • i would just like to share my story but its long so will cut it short i lost 4 babys found out i had severe pcos got pregnant on metformin bled they suspected my buba was twin as there was two lil beans continued to beeld till on and off in pregnancy first few weeks was scary as it was bright red and thought that was it for me my lil man held on i had hypermisis was in and out of hospital and pre e was induced had hard labour but didn compain once felt so blessed my lil miracle boy who held on is now 18 months and i still have big place in my heart for my angel babies they taught me not too take anything for granted and i love my lil man more then life its self im also ttc baby number two heres hoping for another miracle baby babydust to us all xxxx
  • your story made me cry, must be my hormones! you are a really inspiring lady its lovely to hear you have a son, it scares me so much having pos but hearing stories of miracle babies makes me more hopefully thank you xxx
  • awwwwwwwww thank you hun. im sorry to read what you have been through its heartbreaking mc and being told you have pcos heres to you having a lovely healthy buba 2011 image xxxxxxx
  • thank you that means a lot im glad i found this site its so useful and everyones so nice. the stories you hear are all miracles its lovely. xxxx
  • Hi, just wanted to add to the hope for you all really. I was diagnosed with severe pcos at 18 after 3 years of problems. Docs told me I would need to serioiusly consider ivf as a means to have kids as it was so severe. My then new boyfriend stuck around anyway and we got used to the idea. We have now been married for over 10 yrs and have 3 kids 12, 9 & 5 months (all chlomide pregnancies) although I have just suffered a mc with my 4th I am hopeful there are still more to come! Keep your chins up as theres always hope & I think docs are to quick to dish out bad news!!!

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