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back for round two.

hiya ladies most of you know about m y story severe pcos 4 losses finally my dream came true and i now have a 18 month old boy and metformin to thank well im back for round two will hopefully be going back on metformin soon yay.


  • Hi

    Thanks for posting, I am currently taking Met and stories like yours give me hope that it might just work. Would you mine me asking how long you had to take the Met before you became pregnant? I have been on it since the start of December and the sickness is just about easing off and I have lost a little bit of weight.

    Hope you get back on it soon as it obviously worked for you and your little boy is gorgeous

  • hiya hun thank you hun his such a cheeky little monkey image. first few months of taking met it made me so ill i kept stopping and starting metformin then i finaly starting taking it properly and was pregnant within the first month was shocked and so happy and i continued to take metformin through out first few months of my pregnancy. me and my partner call it the baby miracle drug lol with my 4 pregnancy befor my lil boy i got pregnant quiet quickly also but ended in mc with metformin as not only helped me concieve but as helped to keep the pregnancy stay put for 9 months image. i wish you all the best of luck and lots babydust 2011 babys for us image
  • Just wanted to say congratulations on your little boy and GL for baby no2!


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