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Hi everyone! It's been a long time since iv been on here! Me and DH have now been TTC for 16 months with one early mc month 3.

DH had his sperm results back wednesday and everything was normal, super in fact! Iv had 3 blood tests done CD21 and all said I wasn't ovulating. My GP prescribed clomid which I will start taking days 5-9 on my next cycle (50mg).

I just wandered if anyone had any success stories? And if your having twins or triplets too?

Thanks a lot image

Baby dust to all x x x


  • Hi, I was told I had unexplained fertillity after more than 18 months of ttc, and we were referred to a fertillity clinic for all the tests.

    I also was told that I dont ovulate and after loads of CD21 blood tests and was prescribed clomid, I took 1 cycle on days 2-6, and 2 months later i got my BFP!!

    I am also a chlomid baby myself after my mum had simular problems trying to concive me!
  • There is a "I want a clomid bump! thread on ltttc thread, if you can wade through and find it! If I remember rightly,it was a very lucky thread and most of the ladies had success with clomid!

    I'm waiting to start it myself!

    Good luck x
  • Hi Mrsvause

    I'm almost 19 weeks pregnant after 5 rounds of Clomid. My hubby was found to be "super" as well (he was so proud!) and I was found to not be ovulating. I was prescribed Provera to kick start ovulation and then Clomid with monthly blood tests and several scans. Got our BFP day after Bonfire Night and have my 20 week scan booked in for next Thurs - which is hubby's birthday! It's definately just the one!

    LTTTC is a great forum and really helped me through things.

  • Hi Hunny,

    I give a bug thumbs up to chlomid. I have severe pcos and after being told to consider ivf have gone on to have 4 chlomid pregnancies. My first was after month 3, my 2nd after month 8, my 3rd afer month 3 and my 4th after month 2 (unfortunately this one ended in mc) I will be waiting my standard 3 months after mc then will definately be back on the chlomid again!

    Hope it works for you hunny xxx
  • I have a gorgeous 9 month old Clomid baby!!!! We were lucky enough to fall pregnant on our first cycle (taking clomid days 2-6) but sadly had a miscarriage at 15 weeks. Then went on to fall pregnant again after 3 cycles (again days 2-6) which has resulted in my bundle of joy! I know a few people who have been lucky with clomid. Good luck xxx
  • Hi there,

    I am proud Mummy to a gorgeous 3 month old little girl after one round of Clomid! I think it's great stuff.

    Hopw it works as well for you

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