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Feel bit sad

Today a friend told me she was pregnant. And I was genuinely happy for her,but my heart did sink.

Been trying for so so long,and yes I have 2 healthy happy boys,but I can't help thinking it should be meimage especially when she said it was an accident.

She didn't/doesn't know I'm trying but I feel so jealous,it's horrible. I hope she embraces it,and that I don't feel this way by the time we meetimage

So much for this being the year it doesn't dominate my every waking thoughtimage


  • Ah,don't feel sad.It'll be your turn again soon.Must be frustrating month after month of trying.Bit tactless,telling you it was an accident,I'm sure your friend wouldn't mean it to be.It's only natural to feel jealous,doesn't mean you can't be happy for her too.It's something you really really want though and you can't just not let it dominate your thoughts it's too important.

    A bucket full  of baby dust heading your way.Hope you hav some luck soon

  • hun am sending you lots of hugs i so know how you feel it is natrual to feel like it your time will come just think possitive xxxxx
  • Oh darling =(

    I think the accidents and not trying for a baby, is what works though. I didnt imagine I would get pregnant so soon after being off the pill and surgery. very wanted but just didnt think it would happen and BANG it did.

    I know, its like the more you try not to think about it the more you think about it. Relax, let your body work things out. Im SURE you will have another baby, the more stress you feel over it, the more you hold back your body darling, cuz stress is a nasty horrible thing

    *cuddles you*


  • Ahh bless I know who you feel, when I was trying for Harry (took me five years!!) when people told me they were pregnant, feel sad  and unhappy that it wasnt me that was in that position.

    Cantotally understand how you feel, I am sure it will happen soon, but being a busy mum of two makes it a bit harder I expect,   keeping fingers and toes crossed for you that it will happen soon, have to agree that it always seems to happen when least expected, thats when it happened to me.  need to try and  put it to the back of your mind and not think about it too much but it just SO hard to do!!

     A friend at work is trying she has a daugher of 12 and met a new partner, she is now 38 and desperate to get pregnant esp cause of her age, her sister has just fallen for the 2nd time in the last few years and she was saying how unexpected it was and sort of rubbing it in, why dont people think about these things!!


  • hey hunny

    i so know how you feel, me and john have only spoken about trying for another cause seeing as he's away at the mo would kind of need him here to help out on any other part lolimage but 4 friends have told me they are pregnant, 2 of them being very close friends and although i'm extremely happy for them i am feeling slightly jeleous, but like my friend said its only natural.

    you will have another baby hunny, like the others said try and relax a bit more and not to think about it too much and when you least expect it that stalk will be flying in your directionimage

    sending lots of hugs x

  • Thankyou very much girls x x I feel a lot better today,she didn't know I was trying,so in her defense she would have no idea about 'rubbing it in''.

    And at the end of the day I've given myself a good talking to,and as long as she's happy,then I am,after all I have 2 boys and am very very lucky to have them,I shoud count my blessings rather than feeling jealous. Thankyou for your kind comments,and the baby dust is much appreciated x x x

    Feel much better as I say,and it's not going to bother me now.........(brave face,stiff upper lip and all....) Mind you that's what happens when you keep your cards close to your chest,had she known she wouldn't have said it was an accident.-I'm stopping now!!!!!!!!!!image

  • hiya hun!

    i know how you feel i really do, i am terrible, i KNOW i shouldnt have another for a while, and first i have to convince him lol. Anyway as soon as i found out my mum and sil were pregnant when jack was a baby i HAD to be pregnant to, i adore lola but wish common sense had prevailed, 

    My other sil, roos actual sister has just found out shes pregnant, no one but roo knows that i want another, but not yet, but now lol. And she confided in me she was unhappy and wishes she hadnt told the family and so on, and i ended up avoiding her for a while because despite having it all, i was jealous, now im over it and doing all i can to support her, shes a lovely girl and she has no idea how i feel after all.

    Chin up chick, our days of sleepless nights and non stop nappy changing arent over yet!image

  • Hope notimage enjoying this life way too much!!!!!

  • yup, you cant beat the company of two slightly mad in the head children, that seem to be smarter than us hey! image
  • LOL. Why do children manage to outsmart us!!??
  •  I know exactly how you feel Rach, Iwas like that when I was trying for Fin over those five years alot of people I know got pregnant and whilst happy for them I would go home and cry. But then my very best friend who I have been friends with since infant school got pregnant first time trying and didn't want to tell me because she didn't want to upset me, it made me feel awful. She was thinking of me when she should have been enjoying being pregnant.

    However even now when I don't think I want anymore children I am still slightly envious of anyone with a bump

  • Cheers Clair,yeah would hate for anyone not to say-think I just got upset because it wasn't planned. I'm ok now,I think I'll always be envious even when I 've had my family!!!
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