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New to this - advice please x

I am so happy I have found a forum just for this, it has helped me to understand things a bit more.

We have been ttc since July 2010, and so far no luck. To begin with my cycles were fairly regular @ 35 days, however last month was 60 days and so far this one is at 49 days. Both of these without ovulating. I went to the Dr's last month as my little sis has PCOS and he basically fobbed me off, saying there was nothing they could do to help. He said to come back in a year if they are no better and they will do some blood tests on me then!

Is that right to wait so long or should I go back and see a nicer lady dr?

I have a lot of described systems over than being overweight.

There are so many pregnant people around at the minute, it's really getting me down. If we are going to have problems TTC, I would rather know now than have to wait another year!

Any advice you have for me would be great.

Thanks ladies



  • Hey - go back and see a nice lady doctor. That is a poor response from your doctor. PCOS should mean immediate help and there is lots that they can do to help. I visited a female doctor and have received a lot more assistance. Am on metformin (my periods stopped completely) and this has begun to help. Have also been offered clomid etc. should I so wish. The 'how long have you been trying' question never came up. I do need to lose weight which is a struggle and a typical issue for a PCOS sufferer.

    There are some interesting books out there if you look on amazon to help you understand further.

    Hope a second doctor is more helpful.
  • Hi MrsGriff

    I would would definately get back to the doctors and ask for a blood test at least or even be refered to the endocrinologist at the hospital for an ultra sound as these are the 2 known methods of testing for PCOS.

    My doctor is male and i must admit, he was happy for me to have a blood test - even when it was me that went to him telling him i thought i had pcos as i had lots of symptoms.

    I only had a blood test, the results of that was were clear enough. At the time ttc was the furthers thing from my mind.

    Now that we are activley ttc i am going to ask to be referred for an ultrasound to see if we can determine the severity of the PCOS.

    Good Luck when you go back

  • Thank you for your replies - I booked a dr's appointment today but the earliest they could get me in is 2nd March! Which just seems forever away! I might try calling again tomorrow to see if there are any cancellations. I just want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible!

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