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help im so confused

Im 23 and have just been told im pregnant. I have also been diagnosed with pcos. I was bleedin and had pains in my leg. I have to go bk an av a scan next monday. Iv been bleedin for 15 days. The only thing is , the dr said they cant tell if iv lost the baby. I was told when i was 14 i would never get pregnant. Im so happy bot now scard. Can anyone help x


  • I'm sorry Hun I really don't know the answers. Surely they will send u for a scan won't they? They should do.

    Sorry I couldn't help more hopefully someone else will b able to help Hun

  • hello i a have PCOS to and was told at 16 i will never have children and i am 20 weeks PG with my 3rd so its wrong how they tell us that well with my 1st i bleed for a few weeks and was in and out having scans but she is a lovely heathly 6 year old not trying to get your hopes up tho hope you all the best hun how many weeks are you?
  • Hi hon,

    I hope its not too distressing for you and I really hope you don't need this information, as quite a few people I know have bled a lot during their pregnancies and everything has been fine. But I thought it might help to compare what you are going through??

    If you are pretty early on, I don't think that there is a lot they can do for you if it is a miscarriage and its difficult to say if you have lost it (as the scans, bloods etc will look similar at this stage). All I can say is that my m/c was extremely painful and I passed horrendous amounts of blood & clots (but this was a 10weeks). It took about 2 weeks to get a negative on a home preg test after my m/c too, so don't rely on those.

    Again, I wish you all the best and hope this is just a scare and all goes well for the rest of your pregnancy

  • Hey thanks for ur msgs. Im only about 2 weeks gone as it was a shock.

    Have been tryin not to think about it tho.

    have my scan on mon 28th.

    The bleedin has nearly stopped, tho it has only been very light all the way thru.

    at least i have had feed back from others as dont have no one around because of this

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