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PCOS lead times for treatment

Hi all,

I've recently been diagnosed with PCOS via blood tests and have a scan appt in mid July. I was wondering how long things took to get moving...

I went to the GP at the end of May, then had some blood tests at the beginning of June and the GP referred me for a scan. It took 3 weeks to get the letter through from the hospital and then a further 3 weeks to the appt time (which is mid July)... I'm now wondering how long I should expect the next stages to take?

My GP said I would go for the scan then back to the GP and then to a Gynaecologist and then back to GP for meds... Is this the normal process and how long does it take to get into see gynaecologist and get a prescription for something to start me ovulating?

Should I expect something in August or will it be a longer process? I know no one will know for sure but an idea would help as life feels a bit in limbo at the moment!!

Many thanks!


  • Heya hun, i can only tell you how long it took and how it worked for me, but i do understand that in different places the process is different.

    After a year of trying we went to the docs and they started 21 days bloods, no ov detected. I already knew i had PCOS as i had been diagnosed a few years back. So the doc sent our details to a specialist and told us to get hubby booked in ASAP with the FC to give his SA as they wouldnt do anything for us at the FC until they had checked hubby first. So hubby did that got his results within 2 weeks i think. Then i got the letter to tell me we had our appt. From my first appt with GP to my FC appt was about 3 months ish i think.

    Seh then asked lots of questions, ideally you OH should be there but my hubby couldn't because of work. At the first appt they gave me prescription for clomid and provera ( to give me a period ) i had 2 cycles of clomid, 1st was on 50mg, second was 100mg...had 21 day bloods done and still no ov detected and my next FC appt arrived ( which was 3 months after the first appt ) and she then said not to take anything and i would be refered for a lap and dye and ovarian drilling. So i am now awaiting my letter for the date of my op. That was a month ago.

    Im not sure if thats helped!! We were very lucky as my gp has been amazing and so have the FC.

  • Hello!

    Thanks for your reply... I know that all circumstances will be different but it really helps to get some sort of idea as to how long we could be waiting in between appts... This whole TTC business is crazy enough without running to the postbox in anticipation each day! :lol:

    So I'm guessing that things probably won't move along as fast as I'd like but I'd much rather go down the route with my GP than getting meds (i.e clomid) off the internet myself - I know some ladies have done that but I guess I'm not brave enough!

    Good luck with your op - I'm not sure of the different levels and when you need drilling etc...but fingers crossed that it'll all end up with you getting you BFP! image

    Sending positive thoughts, best wishes and baby dust to you! xoxoxoxo
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