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agnus castus - what do people think?

Hi all, 12/12 ttc so far, so i'm thinking of trying agnus castus, do you take it cd1-14?

Has anyone got any tips/ success stories with it?

Thanks all



  • Hi no advice sorry but I want to take it too, but I dont understand the terminology lol, what CD? I know what ttc means. I dont even know if I ovulate, not had period in 2 months so how will I know when to test if ovulate? image

  • Hi Colette8481,

    I saw cd used on other message and figured it meant 'cycle day' but thats just me guessing as i haven't found a terminology message with it in yet to check : )

    I'm cd1 today and just took my first agnus castus tablet from holland and barrett, i'm my low GI diet and increased exercise. Hoping it helps me ovulate as my PCOS has been stopping it. I haven't been using any opk's but i've just ordered some so hoping to use them and basal temp and cm checking to figure it this cycle. (Doing everything i can think of this cycle)

     I'm not sure when to start using the ov sticks, am going to google it and if i find out i'll let a know : )

    How long have you been trying?


  • Oh great thanks image we stopped trying due to my health (M.E and panic episodes) and other life factors but want to start again properly this time  I am losing weight have lost over 2 stone and have 2 stone still to go image heres hoping but thanks for the info and will look forward to your google report lol image x

  • I just searched the forum for prev posts, they suggest testing from cd9 or 10, think i'll go for that. I'm hoping to lose around 2.5 stone, just really slow progress, you've done really well hun : )

    My uncle has ME, life can be tiring and stressful, hope your health is improving so you can take time for you through ttc.

    Let me know how you go x

    Good luck and baby dust xxx

  • Just found this on baby centre website:

    Urine-based OPKs test your urine for an increase (surge) in luteinising hormone (LH). This happens one day to two days before ovulation.

    A small amount of LH is always present in your blood and urine. But in the days before ovulation, the amount increases by about two to five times. The 12 hours to 36 hours between the beginning of the LH surge and the moment when your egg is released is the most fertile part of your cycle. This is when you are most likely to conceive.

  • Hi Ladies,

    I took Agnus Cactus (Vitex) for 6 months for my PCOS. I had regular but very long cycles of 40 days. It regulated my cycle immediately down to 36 then 35 then 30 which continued to stay regular. It help control other imbalances due to my PCOS aswell. I took one tablet 660 mg 3 times per day with my meals. It was Blackmores (not sure if this is just a Australian brand). I would continue to take this but I commenced Clomid for the first day today and it has been advised these two treatments do not agree with each other.

    Let me know how you ladies go if you try it.

    Love and positive vibes

    Jay xx

    PS- CD is Cycle Day image all the short hand trying to conceive language is a little overwhelming at first.

  • Also just to add- I took this every day of my cycle and had no problems. It really is great at regulating your cycles.


  • Just started taking ac . Need something to get me ovulating after depo shot which I stopt 7 months ago regular periods . Already av 3 children so it's defo the depo still in my system image
  • First month on AC I took it from cd1 to 17 and then stopped not sure if I ovulated and now on cd 35 with no period? Wondering if I should start taking it again or be patient and wait for cd 1

    Any advice???

    I have heard it can take a few months to start working properly

    Thanks xx
  • Hi it seems to be working for me iv ad all the signs of ovulation today and only been taking it 8 days , I'm not stopping I'm taking it all thru my cycle good luck. Xx
  • Also I didn't start from cd1 I just started taking it as soon as I got them I'm taking 2 in the morning and 2 at night which are 400 mg each tab xx
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