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TTC with PCOS and coming off the pill

Hi everyone I've just joined this site hoping I can get advice from mums and mums to be. I'm 24 and have been on the pill for roughly a year after finding out I had PCOS (please note that I've always had monthly periods, just very irregular!). My partner and I are now ready to try and conceive. I took my last Cilest pill on Thursday which was the end of a packet. I just wondered how long it will be until I am fertile? I imagined I would have to have my bleed tomorrow and then wait until after my proper period in February until we can start trying. Any help, advice or just a chat would be greatly appreciated. I looking forward to speak to you soon Roxy x


  • Hey, I am a sufferer from PCOS and the condition can make it hard to conceive, for some but not for all. What would be best is for you to take a few months for your period to get to normal then start trying. Depending on the severity of your PCOS it's best advised to speak to your doctor about it. Some people have periods yet a few don't so it's best to wait and see how regular or irregular you are before trying. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2009, although I had the symptoms from the age of 15 I was refused tests as I was too young to apparently have the condition. Luckily I spoke to another doctor and she prescribed me metformin which is prescribed for Diabetics yet is being tested and is known to help ease the symptoms of PCOS. If you would like to ask me any questions I'll be happy to answer them xx

  • Thank you Kirsty, that it really interesting. My symptoms aren't as severe as other peoples luckily. Before taking the pill I did have monthly periods they were very irregular. My doctor said that coming off the pill may make them back to irregular again but I still live in hope that they don't.

    But I will wait and see what happens and hopefully even if they are irregular, I can still not find too much difficulty in conceiving.

    It's great to talk to others with pcos as I only ever hear the bad stories online!

    Thanks for your help xx
  • I only ever heard about bad stories referring to PCOS too but with the right support you will get there. I was told from day one I would never be able to have children so I started looking towards adopting.

    My periods were very irregular. I went through 3 years of not having a single one but a week after taking metformin I had my first one in so long I cried I was so happy image

    I go for routine scans which are internal and external. My most recent internal was last Thursday and I was expecting the nurse to say my cysts had got worse but instead I was told I'm expecting which is a very big shock.

    It will happen, I found the losing weight was hard to do but I went from a size 22 down to a 14-16 which I am now and that's helped with a lot of my symptoms.

    You're welcome and like I say if you want any help or advice I'm here image xx

  • Your story is really inspiring. I'm a size 18 and know that losing weight will help but I'm a bit rubbish with it haha.

    I've never had any examinations and have never been offered them! The doctor just said I had it because of the symptoms I gave. Maybe I need to look into this to find out what the cysts are like. Surely my doctor should have offered this though! Hmmm I shall investigate.

    Thanks image xx
  • I always tried and tried with losing weight but no matter what I did I tended to put it on and not lose it. Luckily my partner is a gym freak so he's helped me a lot of the way. Losing weight with PCOS is hard enough as it is but once you start losing the odd pound here and there it is easy.If you have the will power to do it then it will be easy. I started off jogging place to place and going on Just Dance on the Wii, that's helped me a lot. My lifesaver image

    I never even knew I had to go for these routine scans or to see a gynaecologist about my PCOS. I found all this out online which shouldn't be the case. In the end I went to my doctors and explained to them. I did get a few nurses ask me if I did infact have PCOS as I had no cysts at the time and she spoke to me as though I was lying which upset me.

      Since finding out I have PCOS I have never been given any information about it from my doctors so instead I have an a4 notebook with research I've done about this condition.

    My doctor never offered anything, It was my mum who suffers PCOS too who told me that I need these scans so I spoke to my doctor and explained that I need these scans to monitor my cysts. After a lot of pestering them I finally got one.

    It will take time I warn you now but once you have the right information You can go from there. image xx


  • Well I'm definitely going to get on to my doctors now and get some

    scans sorted. When I first found out I had it, they printed a fact sheet from the Internet and that was about it. I remember being distraught because I heard the words "you may find it more difficult to conceive" and that's really all that stuck in my head.

    Thanks for letting me know about the scans, I am definitely going to gettin doctors to help me now.

    I may need to contact again to get more PCOS details as I still don't know too much! Xx
  • I'll tell you now hun. Don't ever think that you may never conceive. I thought exactly the same when I first found out I had PCOS but now I am 8 weeks pregnant and I've never been happier.

    Never go down that road of feeling sorry for yourself and thinking it will never happen for me. You just need the right information and a good doctor. Try asking your doctor to see if he/she can refer you to a specialist in your area and they will be able to help you with the weight loss as well as with conceiving.

    If you ever want any advice I have a facebook account and I also have email so we can swap that way. I am here for you either way. I know hoe it feels to be told you have PCOS yet have no information or support. I had to research everything myself.

    Don't hesitate to ask. I'll be happy to help image xx

  • Thanks so much, you have been amazing. I have Facebook too so feel free to add, it's Roxy Childs and the pic is me with red hair and my partner who has lots of facial hair haha.

    I've come off today so technically tomorrow is my first day of being fertile (according to my app) so we will see what happens but I know it won't happen straight away. How long did it take you to conceive?

    And also, congratulations. I bet you are so excited!! image

    Roxy xx
  • I have added you on facebook hun.

    It will take time as we weren't exactly trying as we wanted to save up some money before that but all in all it took 2 years of no contraception  for me to conceive.

    Thanks image Yes I was shocked when I found out as I didn't believe the nurse until I saw baby's heart beating on the screen. Now I'm trying my hardest not to look at baby things to buy with me only being early.


  • Aww I saw you scan pic, so lovely image

    Well I hope it doesn't take 2 years for me but because I'm going to following all the charts, I hope it will happen sooner.

    My pregnacare arrived today so now it all starts image xx
  • Hi guys. I have just decided to start TTC and finished the pill yesterday. I also have PCOS. Initially my periods were very irregular but then I went on Metformin short term which seemed to kick start them but was diagnosed because I was going months and months between them. Jan 2011- Oct 2012 I had implanon implant and was on CONSTANT but light period. I got married in Aug 2010 so it might have been stress from wedding prep as it started just before the wedding (Seem to react easily to hormone changes... but not always in a good way). Due to my firstly irregular and then constant I'm not sure when I ovulate or anything. I'm hoping having been on the pill it will have somehow reset my periods but will just have to wait and see. I have been researching getting pregnant with PCOS so may consider clomid etc down the line but I don't suppose they would give me it without having TTC'd for a while. Its great to see other people going through it at the same time. Sorry if its tmi... Good luck RoxyC and congratulations Kirsty1990

  • Hi. Of course you can add me, it's Roxy Childs image FC for you too. I'm testing in the morning as I will be CD34 and 5 days late tomorrow so I'm really hoping. I tested on CD28 and it was negative but it may have been a bit early x
  • ooh good luck!! Hope I have any kind of trackable cycle... x


  • Any joy Roxy?
  • Nope none yet and I'm now 9 days past my AF due date. I haven't had AF since coming off the pill so maybe it's just taking a little while. So annoying! Like you I hoped that being on the pill will sort my irregular periods out but who knows. How are you doing? X
  • Am good thanks, but getting less hours at my seasonal job than I did last summer... Still on period from finishing pill but its slowing now so hopeful. I'm getting a lil baby obsessed now i've finished on contraception and know that from here on in theres at least a chance i could get pg. Fingers crossed for us both. Sorry if im giving tmi. Xxx
  • Sorry for late reply girls, I totally forgot I was on this page for a moment lol. I was baby obsessed and constantly wanted a child and would stress out over it. Especially when I was told I couldn't conceive. I went back and forth to the doctors but the most they'd hel me with was the metformin and telling me to lose weight. Also went for the routine internal and externam scans to check my ovaries to see if the amount increased of that they got bigger but they stayed the same. My periods were very irregular as well. I went 3 years with only having 2 and it was just so annoying. I wish you all the very best and hope you girls conceive soon image If it happened to me when I least expected it, I'm sure it will happen for you. Just try not to concentrate on it too much as that could be why it's not happening. As soon as I stopped thinking about having a baby it happened. image xx

  • image trying not to think about it too much as you say. Just taking each period as it comes (or doesn't) though since the pill have had my period each month so far withh jus. A couple of week delay on the last one. Not too bad to say it was constant while on the pill....  Hope your pregnancy is going well Kirsty and thanks for the reply. X

  • Yeah I'm taking each month as it comes as well. I'm currently on CD41 which is the longest I've waited since coming off the pill. I took a test 4 days ago and was negative so think I'll try again in a couple of days. I haven't been stressing at all about it but do still wish it would happen now image

  • Fingers crossed Roxy. X

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