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CLOMID 100mg First cycle Failed :(

Hi All,

 I am 23 years old and my husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 6 months. I have never missed a period in my life but I noticed every month I started becoming more late on my period. The irony of the story is the month we decided to start trying was the month my period just did not come at all. I took multiple pregnancy tests all were negative. 2 months after my period disappeared I consulted a doctor who tested my glucose levels and Insulin levels and that was normal. Thereafter he prescribed Primolut as he suspected I have PCOS this tablet was to to induce my period which came 31/01/2013. I then started clomid 100mg on the02/02/2013 for 5 days. On day 21 I went for Day 21 Progesterone Test. Yesterday the doctor came back to me saying that I haven’t ovulated. I feel depressed and sad. Im not sure if anyone out there experienced this and fell pregnant on more cycles. My doctor has told me to give Clomid another go on the same dosage of 100mg. Should I be increasing it though? Im so confused so upset. Everyone is telling myself to be positive but its so so hard.


  • hey lillyflow x

    i have another thread on here called NEW, clomid advice?

    theres about 4 of us all going through what u are if u want to come join jn or have a read at our prev posts x

    sorry it never workee the first.month for u x this is my first month on it too hacent had my perood yet and tbh dont know when to expect it but im doubtful i ovulated ul find out tomorrkw x

    chin.up hun itl happen xx
  • Hi Kellx


    Thank you so much for your response I will join your thread!!!

    Good things will happen to us all. God has a plan for each and everyone one of use. XoXo

  • Hi Lillyflow!

    Just wondering if you had any luck with your other clomid cycles? Did you get your BFP?

    I'm currently waiting for AF to start so I can start my first clomid cycle and cannot wait...

    Hope you've been blessed!

    Beeba cx
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