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Well, it really is true when they say ''dreams, do come true?'' I got told last year I had PCOS and wouldn't concieve naturally, 

Last week at my Granda's wake people kept asking how far along I was and that I was blooming... Strang as personally I don't and didn't feel any difference. 

I did a home pregancy test Wed 15th May it came back positive, I was in shock and shaking so I did another test which showed positive then my best friend came to mine with another test again it was positive... Sat shaking waiting until the fiance came in and started crying I welcomed and went 'hello ''daddy'' you may need t read these' he hugged me and smiled then went in to the kitchen and promptly started cleaning up (think he went in to shock). by 7.30 I had a bleed and my fiance took me to hospital they did another pregnancy test yet again another positive. image they took my bloods and the next day they rang me to say my HCG levels where at 900 and could I come in for an emergency scan. I went for my scan on the Friday but it showed ''nothing in sack and something on my ovary'' I automatically went in to hysterics thinking the worst and that was I having an eptopic pregnancy? They couldn't rule it out but took my bloods and promised t ring as soon as they were back. I came home scared and waiting for the phone call that would tell me what was happening. at 7.30 (the time 7.30 is getting familiar lol) the Dr then told me my HCG levels where over 2000 which was good and could I come for a scan tomorrow. 


My point to this story is I got told I would never have a child, how wrong where the Dr's? So please believe me when I say this dreams really do come true. xxx

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