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In need off advice

Hey all, I have a beautiful 2 year old son, after having my son in December10 i didn't have a period for 6 months went to the doctors in June11 told him about my problems he sent me for tests then scans then told me that I have PCOS both ovaires were covered in them, and he put me on the pill to help me with my periods I started to take them but then stopped. Few weeks passed and I started having periods, I have them for 6 months then nothing then for 6 months again etc.. Started having pains in my tubes and my doctor sent me for a scan and the women told me that 1 off my ovaries have got the cyts and the other one is clear, I told her that they was on both so she looked again and it was just then one and that the pain I was having might off been the cyts going. Has anyone else been through this?

Me and my partner are thinking about having another baby but iam so scared to fall pregnant just incase I miscarriage never mind catching. When I was pregnant on my son i worried the whole way through any little bump I'd have I would call the midwife but other than that the pregnancy was fine and my son was fab, weighing a wooping 9lbs. My mind is doing over time now I we not even trying. I need some help and advice!!





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