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pcos and possible pregnancy bleeding..

Hi ladies, I have suffered from PCOS for around 13 years now, my periods are irregular they are all over the shop and I have the facial hair to prove it!image very embarrassing but I have come to terms with it somehow! I have a 7yr old daughter so I know I can become pregnant its just the question on when. 

I finished my last period on the 5th May and me and hubby decided to try for another baby. We have loads of sex and he was in second heaven! As many women know with pcos we don't follow the same 4week cycle so I know that my egg could be released or not. Anyhoo since around two weeks ago I have been feeling sick dizzy headaches sleeping and peeing loads. My boobs have been tender but that's normal with a period anyway. 

So with all that going on I haven't been trying to get my hopes up because of my pcos and on Thursday night me and hubby had sex but there was no pain but I suddenly bled. It was dark red and dripped onto the bed. We stopped and when I went to the bathroom there was red/brown/pink discharge but afterwards it stopped. There was nothing when I wiped and 3 days later still no bleeding or period and I still contunie to feel sick and dizzy and feeling like crappy! I have twinges and feel very heavy down there so not sure what the blood could of suggested. Any help please?

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