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Advice please

Hi I have been diagnosed with POS since 2007, have very irregualr periods infact now at all, about September last year my GP put me on the pill and I was bleeding extremely heavy for days infact most days I could leave the house it was no bad, that I stopped taking them as I was so embarassed to even go to work as I was wearing up to 3 pads at a time and it was still leaking,  I have alot of weight on but got married in December and we where so resigned to the fact that kids may never happen but now when I see my friends and family having kids I no for a fact that my husband would love at least 1.  Can anyone give me any advice on where to go and what I should be asking about my gp is male and isnt great but then I am also quite embarrased to talk to him about it.  Thanks x



  • Hi KazMcd

    Why don't you book an appointment with your GP and tell him how long you and your husband have been trying for and ask for him to refer you to a fertility specialist. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help. If you don't ask, maybe nothing will ever happen, but if you ask you have better chances, right? Besides, that's their job. They're there to help us, and there is a service available, you just have to ask for it. Don't feel like you're the only one needing help or struggling with it - you're not alone! Sooo many people go through it, for several different reasons! Go and speak to your doctor, or speak to a different doctor if need be, but do ask for help. You won't regreat doing it (you may have a baby before you think!), but you may regret not having done anything about it.

    All the best!!

    Beeba x

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