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PCOS + Provera + Clomid + hope & prayers :)

Hello ladies image

I'm looking to share some anxiety, find out who else is in the same boat and hopefully also hear of some success stories for a little encouragement image

I've known I've had PCOS since I'm 18. I have been TTC since I was 28... that's nearly 3 years and nothing. After much frustration we decided to seek medical help. DH counts are good, but my periods are all over the place (varies from twice a month to 6 months with no period... and from 2 day periods to several-weeks bleeding!)

Recently I had HSG, US and don't know how many bloodtests my doctor decided to put me on Provera + Clomid. Just had my 3rd provera pill today and am so excited to start Clomid! So I just wondered if any of you have had success stories with this same combination and how long it took you to get your BFP... and, well, if anybody is in the same situation who'd like to be TTC buddies image

Much strength and much patience for us all, ladies!



  • Hi,

    Can't share any sucess stories but am in the same boat. Took my last provera yesterday so just waiting for AF to show. Don't have periods or ovulate at all on my own and also have PCOS. I took provera a few times before but with no sucess as my lining wasn't thick enough so I had to have a course of estrogen before we tried it again. I've never been more excited about the prospect of a period!! 

    Wishing you lots and lots of luck x 

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