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Onto 6th round of clomid losing hope!

Hey everyone! I'm 33 years old, soon to be 34 and have been trying for a baby with my husband for about 18 months. Have been told I have PCOS . I had lap and dye and tubes both good and clear and had ovarian drilling done at same time. I had 3 cycles 50mg clomid , then 2 months 100mg clomid with ovitrelle shot. I have produced a good follicle each time ( and from different ovarys) but still can't seem to have that much awaited BFP! I've tonight started my 6th and final round of clomid and losing hope fast image . I've been having reflexology which I love and OH SA was really good. It's so frustrating when everything working but its still not happening. Is anyone else in a similar situation or has got some success stories to share? Would love to hear some good news as feel so sad image. Xx


  • Hi jl80

    Sorry to hear your feeling so sad at the moment.. I'm in a similar situation myself I'm 26 have pcos .. Had an unexpected pregnancy in November hive ended in mc.. I never even thou I would get pregnant on my own as I was told by doctors it would e very difficult for me to conceive ..

    So when myself and my fianc?? found out we wer pregnant we wer over the moon.. After the mc I did not get a period again which would be completely normal for me as I never get periods .. We started on clomid in jan on 3rd cycle now and if we don't get bfp this month I'm going in for the trigger shot next month .. I can relate to how ur feeling getting those bfn just kills.. Hopefully this will be your month .. Are u going to try a different fertity drug if clomid doesn't work.. Fingers crossed for u and wishing u all the luck in the world x
  • Hi kimmage,

    Thank you so much for replying to my post. ????

    Sorry to hear about your journey so far, its so hard isn't if. How are you finding the clomid? I had quite a few side effects on 50mg but when I doubled to 100mg I didn't have hardly any.

    This month defo isn't our month, I had my mid cycle scan yesterday where I should've had the ovitrelle injection too but there wasn't even a mature follicle this month so I couldn't have it so our clomid days are over now. I got very upset yesterday that I have put myself through so much and my body couldn't even be bothered to make an egg! I have an appt Monday with the consultant as next steps for us is IUI.

  • Sorry about all the ???? above, I entered them as smily faces but they didnt come out. Oops x
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