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what could it be

Hello so today i found out im not pregnant after thinking i was. Ive had spotting one and a half weeks ago for four days. Ive had swollen boobs blue vains.come up and bad back pain. Also headache. But ive been in constant pain this last week so much that i had had no sleep at all at night. Its feels like its getting worse its not in my vagina area as in pain wise. Its just under my ribs on both sides in my tummy. I have no idea i was told i had pcos two years ago but then it was kind of ok when i lost weight now i have missed this period. And all this is happning yet no test has said positive. I was pregnant i would be maybe 3 weeks. Now is that to earky even for a blood test or i should i go see the hospotal i dont feel like eating either. I feel as if im always full and when i eat its still the same. Dont know and scared and help. Or even stories. Positive or negative stories will atleast give me some direction


  • Hi hun

    Didnt want to read and run. I would deffo make an appointment with your Doctor to get them to give you a blood test to see whether you are or not as pregnancy tests dont pick up some pregnant womens hormone to give a correct result.

    You will get the test results back fairly quick as well. All the symptoms you are getting are what some pregnant women get. If not pregnant then your doctor will be able to look into why you are getting them.

    Good luck and i hope you get your bfp xxx
  • Hey no i did find out today from the blood testim in pain now he just said it was my af coming and to go on my way. I was geart broken i was so angry. I dont know whats haponing. I just dont know what to do now i had no sleep last night i feel sick if i touch my belly is three weeks to early for blood results?

    If hcg rises everyday how can a blood test be for sure :'(
  • Ive always had a small amout of white discharge for the last two days im not that dizzy my eyes cannot focus
  • hey there i have had they feelings before about being pregnant and all the doctor said to me is it could be my ovaries coz i get all pregnancy symptoms but tests would come bk neg and then i would get my periods  

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