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Possible past exposure to chlamydia... Sick with worry!

Ok,so I only just started ttc. Here is my story. I was dating a guy for about 6 months in college who I lost my virginity to (still regret it). Unfortunately, over a year after the fact, this ex let me know that he may have exposed me to chlamydia. In the meantime I had been on several rounds of antibiotics (one being amoxicilLin) which I had read can treat this std. Being a complete idiot, I didn't get tested as I was only 18 and didn't really understand this and this ex didnt tell me if he even had it for sure. Fast forward 8 years and my husband and I are ttc.  Of course this immediately pops into my mind as I have never been tested!! I tested negative (thank god) but I am worried the infection could have cleared on its own (which it often does) and still left damage. I know these are all big what ifs but I am so scared and cannot sleep at all anymore. Anybody can give me any advice?! I am so so desperate and cry almost everyday at the possibilty of being infertile :( 


  • Someone please help !!!

  • Hi Jjaa18, Sorry to hear about your past experience & the stress it is causing you. If you are really worried I would suggest visiting your doctor to discuss the possibility of a fertility test, to put your mind at ease. Hoping everything will be ok, please do keep us posted. x

  • Hi all, Im 32 yrs old and trying to conceive for past 7 years. All my hormone tests are normal. My smear test is normal and my HSG says no block in my tubes. My husbands test results are also normal. 

    But i have PCOD. Today my doctor said my blood test shows i may have had chlamydia in the past. But not now. Does this even mean right??? Is there anything that i need to worry about. My head is spinning. I checked the internet for chlamydia symptoms and i have not experienced those symptoms. Somebody please help. 

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