Irregular Periods & Pregnancy

I believe I have irregular periods since stopping the pill. I've had 2 normal periods since stopping the pill however I haven't had my period for 2 months now, coming up to 3 months. I've had some dark spotting that isn't implantation bleeding and I'm getting negative HPT's. I don't think I am pregnant at this stage & not actively trying for a baby.

However, a few times over the past couple of months me & my partner had unprotected sex - one of those spur of the moments that just keep happening :') as we would be happy to have a child at this moment. 

But my question is:

Has anyone fallen pregnant with irregular periods and if so can I hear your full story. All your symptoms etc and just generally get to understand how common this is :) 

I get a feeling my spotting was ovulation spotting as my mucus down below is now clear egg white which makes me think I ovulated and I am now fertile :)

Everyone is welcome to this thread!

Happy M xx


  • I have so many questions and I'd love to share my story all I want and need is opinions, advice anything would help! My story as well has to do with very irregular periods and also having hypothyroidism which even lowers my chances of trying to conceive!

  • Hey lovely :) share your story or message me directly & I'll offer my help! xxx

  • Yes back in April of this year I found I was pregnant really late about 9-10 weeks but before that I had very irregular periods due to pcos and I didn't even know I was pregnant well unfortunately a week after I found out I miscarried and it broke our hearts😢😭 but I missed my period in may and since then I have had a period every month and it bounces around but for the past 3 months it has been right on time and we are actively ttc again I hope this helps good luck

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