So confused!!

so my last period was on the 4th nobember and me and my partner done the deed on the 16th of November  on which I was highly fertile and it was unprotected  my period was a week late it was scanty started off brown then slightly red then black and it lasted for 3 days .. I took a pregnancy test recently and it was a faint positive the other tests IVE taken after that have come up negative??? I don't know what to do I'm so confused ive been told to get a blood test by my gp but would it be possible to get a accurate result from that instead of the urine tests??


  • Hello, 

    Yes the blood tests for me with my first  where definitely more accurate. As I was taking urine test and all was coming up negative. I was having small periods much like yours, as my brests where tender ect  went to the GP and orderd a bllod test to find out I was pregnant sometimes urine test are not all that great

     best of luck kate .  

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