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very worrief

I've had 3 mc and an optopic pregnancy about 8 yes ago I've had a daughter that will be 15 in may had no problems having her.. Last month I was a week late on Feb 16 I started to spot then had my regular period on the 20 it spotted again but my Brest felt heavy and sore my tummy felt like it was stretching three days later I got a really bad pain on my front right side and started bleeding again dark and brute red blood. I took a pregnacy test it came out positive very dark.. I've been bleeding heavy and lite with sum really bad pains wen I'm bossy moving around. Today is now the Mar 5 my period looks like its almost done but now my Brest don't hurt .. Could I still be pregnant I'm so scarf and worried my bf is so happy and I've told family and friends I'm pregnant.. I'll be so heart broken if I MC I really want another child and my bf will be devastated.. I was on methadone for a yr and in Nov.of las yr I kicked that habit could that have sum thing to do with my body not being able to care a child.. I'm so depressed and scard.. Plz someone lmk something....   


  • Hi Tina. Firstly, well done you for staying clean - you're doing bloody well. You should be very proud of yourself.

    To be totally honest, I can't tell you what's going on with your body and the bleeding, and the positive test, but if I were you, go and see your GP asap and get some blood tests done - that's the best way of knowing if the HCG (baby hormone) levels in your blood are rising - that's what you need to be happening.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on - lots of support here if you need it.

  • Thank you so much I appreciate it... It feels good being clean... I plan on going to the Dr next week so I'll let u know... Thank u again!!!!

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