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Luteal phase defect/ progesterone supplements

Hi ladies, 

do any of you use progesterone supplements or cream? And did you buy them over the counter or get them from the docs?! i think I may have luteal phase defect so going to call docs and ask for a blood test Monday but my docs are rubbish so not holding out much hope!!!! 

Any advise or past experiences shared would be super image


  • Hey fleurstones. I have been taking progesterone supplements for this pregnancy since 3dpo. I do not have any issues with my luteal phase but My doctor prescribed them as there is some thought that they can help to prevent miscarriage. I finished taking them yesterday at 12 weeks. 

    I've heard that the creams you can buy over the counter aren't strong enough to have much effect but that could be wrong. If your doctor won't prescribe you anything then it might be worth a try.

    hopefully your doc will do the bloodwork to see if this is an issue for you & go from there... Keep us posted

  • Thank you SW2 image they said they weren't going to do anything until 1 hear of ttc but hopefully if I ask for something specfic they will do it..... 

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