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Trying for #2 after miscarriage

I went in for my 11 week checkup to find out baby quit growing at 9 weeks and had no heartbeat. I concieved this one on my second IUI and had a D&C day after finding out about miscarriage. I have a beautiful 2 year old blessed on my first IUI. She is perfection. I went on birth control soon three days after D&C due to PCOS and started trying again once I got my period about 3 weeks later. I used Clomid and Gonal-F, and had 4 follicles mature and two others at 11 and 14. My doctor said I could go through with IUI knowing the hardships we have been through but warned me of risk of multiples. I thought long and hard about it, my husband wanted to go with it but understood if we did not. I opted to wait this cycle out and try again later not knowing if I wanted multiples and knowing I would not want selection reduction but would not be able to carry more than 2. I am 31 have had 3 IUIs and gotten pregnant on 2 of them.I am sure I will have cysts left from this cycle, making it over a month before we can try again. A long, miserable month.  I am now feeling EXTREME guilt for not going for it. Any advice on how to deal with this.


  • I don't like to talk about my MC but i dont like seeing no one helping or replying ,there is a thread already made for this the women on there should be able to give you some advice hun xxx

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