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can I be pregnant?

Hi....just want to hear from anyone who has had same as me and turned out to be pregnant.  I am 42 and was sterilised about 11 years ago with clips. My periods are regular as clockwork but I am now 20 days late.I have tried various hpt but all negative and urine test at doctors negative too. My doctor therefore said I am not pregnant....end of. I am not starting menopause or have thyroid problems as my doctor did bloods to check these out but did not do a blood test for pregnancy!!! I am having loads of symptoms and have been for about 3 weeks now.....headaches, nausea, tummy and pelvic pain - not bad just niggly, sore nipples, bleeding gums and nose,low back ache, gas and white/clear discharge on and off.....think thats all image 

My doctor is referring me for a scan but this may be another two weeks before they can see me. 

Has anyone else had similar and turned out to be pregnant? Its doing my head in. I have two children already but my youngest is 17 so a few years since I was last pregnant. I am ideal weight for my height and have been under stress in last year but this has eased now. 

Please advise thank you :-/ 

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