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Possible endometriosis??

Hi ladies, this is probably going to be a long post with a lot of 'tmi' so I do apologise in advance. 

From the age of around 15/16 years old I have suffered absolutely horrendously with my periods, I have had surgery on my spine when I was 16 years old and I swear my period pain is worse than that whole experience. It's absolutely agonising for the first 2 sometimes 3 days of my period and then it goes completely, also along with my period is horrible diarrhoea and sickness for the first few days.. every month which means I always have to have time off work every month.

Ive tried once before to go through the process of getting a diagnosis but as I was so young I felt like none of the doctors took me seriously and thought it was just the process of my periods adjusting to my body as I was/ I am so young. They refused to give me a laparoscopy and told me to try the contraceptive implant which totally messed up my cycle completely and I got it taken out after 6 months due to constant bleeding. (literally a weeks worth of not bleeding each month)

I am now 18 years old and with the support of my amazing partner and family I have been trying for a baby since November last year because I was and still am terrified about not being able to have children- with no luck yet.

I know a lot of people wont agree with me trying for a baby so young but this is right for me and my partner and we both are as prepared as any other 'wannabe' parents. I hope someone can give me some advice and support as to what to do next.


  • I forgot to add also, Endometriosis runs strongly in my family. My mother, her grandmother, her auntie and her two cousins all have Endometriosis. My mums cousins both have had hysterectomy's and were unable to have children beforehand, my mum conceived me and my sister quite young and is now infertile due to endometriosis and PCOS

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  • i had the disease before and was cured by tcm, my doctor told me Although the exact cause of endometriosis is not certain, several possible explanations include:Retrograde menstruation. Embryonic cell growth.Surgical scar implantation.Endometrial cells transport.Immune system disorder.

    Treatment for endometriosis is usually with medications or surgery. The approach you and your doctor choose will depend on the severity of your signs and symptoms and whether you hope to become pregnant.Generally, doctors recommend trying conservative treatment approaches first, opting for surgery as a last resort.

    Pain medications,such as the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) or naproxen (Aleve, others), to help ease painful menstrual cramps. A type of tcm called pill of fu yan can be chosen as a better treatment with no drug resistance or side effect. Hormone therapies include Hormonal contraceptives. Hormonal contraceptives. Hormonal contraceptives. Hormonal contraceptives. can be taken.

    Conservative surgery, Assisted reproductive technologies and Hysterectomy can be chosen too.

  • Hi I just wanted to say I had a laporoscopy three years ago and got told I didn’t have endo I have been off work last year for a month with pelvic pain and attending gynae and been im pain since then I’m not back at gynae and been told I will need another laparoscopy I have painful periods and have been feeling faint I just want some help and so frustrated 

  • So basically endometriosis is where the womb lining ( endometisis tissue) grows outside of the womb inflaming these areas and causing a lot of pain and heavy periods so it's sounding like this could be the case especially if it runs in the family. I would highly reccomened telling the doctor u are actively trying to to conceive and that u are suffering every month in excruciating pain and don't take no for an answer. An MRI can be done because often endometriosis will show up as trace pelvic fluid on the scan and the scans are far more detailed at showing up any issues. Don't take no for an answer and ignore anyone who thinks it's their place to say how old u should or shouldn't  be. Xx

  • Pink sunset have u not been tested for pelvic inflammatitory disease?  And they can offer u an MRI to see what's going on. If u are suffering don't ignore it just because u don't want another lap done. If u don't mind me asking habe u ever had an STD that didn't get treated straight away as this can cause pelvic inflammatory disease x 

  • I got diagnosed with endo 18month ago. I had been going to the doctors since about the age of 15 with my horrendous symptoms but was always told its just part of being a woman and to go on the contraceptive pill. I have tried many pills but all make me continuously bleed like you describe making my symptoms 10x worse. I refuse to go on any contraception now. I was finally diagnosed after an ovarian cysts was picked up on an ultrasound, I got booked in for a lap where they also found I had endo. We have been trying to conceive since my op but no luck.

    Don't delay in getting a diagnosed push, push, and keep pushing the doctors. Even when you have a diagnosis and have had treatment it doesn't mean you'll fall pregnant right away which I am discovering first hand. I wish I had known when I was 18 as I would have pushed harder! Im fearful that it has effected my fertility. I'm going back to see my consultant on weds so not sure what lies ahead. 

  • @susiegirlygirl no never had sti all my smears have always been ok. only had one previous partner and been with my now husband 8 years. I don’t have an infection I have been tested. My periods now 60 days late still waiting on laparoscopy gynae consultant I seen was horrid made out in over exaggerating 
  • Ahh hun I hope they sort it and stick to your guns don't let anyone make u feel like u are over reacting or exaggerating x
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