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ultrasound results due to lack of periods, advice needed!

Hi everyone! 

Right so, I've always had irregular periods and by irregular I mean I hardly ever get them! last time I got one was last year in October.. anyway, I've recently had an ultrasound on my pelvis done to check if I've got any cysts or anything like that on my ovaries. I went to see my doctor about the results today and they've told me that everything is fine. They said both my ovaries are slightly and I mean literally tiny bit bigger than normal, which isn't a concern and the shape of my uterus is slightly different but again it's nothing to be concerned about because as my doctor said plenty of women have a different shaped uterus. They never found any cycts or anything that shouldn't be there, so they said they'll take some extra blood tests to add to my record. They aren't sure why I dont get my periods because everything seems to be okay image anyway I was thinking about going on the pill, then at least i'll get a period every month! im not sure which pill to go for, or if that's the best thing for me to do. Has any of yous had a similar problem? I just dont know what to do anymore!  x


  • Have you had a hormone count done to see what your hormonal cycle is like?  My gun said if u don't ovulate u don't menstruate as it didn't trigger the right hormonal sequence. 

    My cycles were all over the place and gyno gave me provera  to enduce a period, after AF I took it again on CD 16-21 to get a cycle for the following month. 

    I had provera cycles dec Jan and Feb, had AF march and fell pregnant so I'd say it sorted the Cycle problem out quite quickly lol.

    Just a suggestion but it worked for us x but I think u could do with knowing what phase of cycle your body is stuck in.

    Good luck x

  • Hi @busymamma thank you for your advice!

    I had blood tests done before to check my hormone levels and my doctor said they were fine, so i didn't go further into it. Did you ask your gyno for provera or did they advice you to take it? I'm due to have my blood tests took again on Wednesday with a nurse, so I could ask then. It's so frustrating! lol it's deffenutely worth trying, I just hope my doctor can prescribe me it x

  • There's no other factors it could be? Sometimes your weight can impact on periods as can stress and if you've been on the pill before and are still getting the hormone out of your system.

    I wouldn't think there's much point in taking the pill because that monthly 'period' isn't really a true period, it's just a monthly withdrawal bleed from the hormone - so if you're thinking of conceiving soon I would recommend speaking to your doctor and seeing what your options are, because you need to make sure you're ovulating... which won't be happening if you aren't menstruating.

  • Hi, the gyno said it was the best way to get my periods into action as it induces a period, then when taken at the right 'time of the month' (cd16-21 for me ) it 'shocks the body into a rhythm that the body tries to continue' is how he explained it.

    It mimicks progesterone and the job it does in the second half of the cycle and gets the period to start at the end of the cycle- I think the theory is that when u stop it after a few cycles it makes the body think ' hang on ...something's missing and produce its own'

    The both control pill suppresses or counters the body's natural hormones to stop pregnancy but does put you into an artificial cycle that can continue after you stop it but it can go to pot when you come off it - this is what happened with me. 

    I suppose its about what's going on with u and what u want to achieve...a cycle to get a period but protect from pregnancy ( the pill ) or a cycle to achieve pregnancy - my goal  hence gyno prescribing it.

    I'm not a Dr and can only say your story was similar so had to let you know what worked for me but as I said ask your Dr/ nurse and see what they say.

    All my test showed my levels were within normal limits I just could go months with nothing !

    If it is fertility you want to achieve my next step would have been clomid for the first part of the cycle to encourage ovulation. Some ladies use both clomid and provera together in a cycle and have achieved pregnancy. ( clomid for ov then after neg results provera to bring the period.)

    I hope this gives you some questions to ask your drs xxx keep Me updated and feel free to pm me x

  • I would ask for blood tests to see if you are ovulating, and check on your progesterone levels as 12 yrs ago I had trouble for the first time and my progesterone was 0.4 instead of 10+ - one course of meds ( clomid) resulted in bfp... 

    This time my level was 10 but they wernt confident it was building any higher so gave me the provera this time.

  • @MrsHunt110611

    They told me today they don't know why I'm not getting my periods as everything seems to be fine :/ I've been weighted and measured and im the right weight for my height, they mentiod other factors such as stress etc. but i dont really get stressed that much or have any of the factors they mentioned :/ 


    thank you so much for all the advice, me and my partner have been trying to conceive for quiet a while now and because i haven't been getting my periods that's obviously why we haven't gotten anywhere. When I go to the doctors on Wednesday i'll mention it and i'll make sure something gets done about it, im sick of trying and not getting no where! I suppose there's no point going on the pill again if I'm trying to conceive, I just thought that maybe it would help somehow since there's so many people that have got pregnant while on the pill. I'll keep you all updated and let you know what the doctor/nurse says when I see them xx

  • Hi, I'd say go in with a written list of questions - I always forgot to ask something, and don't leave until u are happy with the advice or treatment plan being offered.

    Don't be fobbed off, I had a big row with one Dr he wanted to leave me for another 6 months but after ttc for close to 2 yrs and a m/c I stood my ground and told him - my body's not working right your the Dr paid to make it right so stop waffling and sort it out!  

    Sometimes you just need to show them you are serious about getting sorted x

    Best wishes x

  • Just to update everyone, I've been to get my bloods taken today so they could see if there's anything wrong with it or not. They've also referred me to a gynecologist again, so i'll be going for some more scans/tests at the hospital. I'm definitely not going to leave it without getting some answers! I just hope I get some soon, cause it's frustrating not knowing what's going on with my own body image

    Last night I've been getting period pains and got bloated a bit, i'v had a bad back and been very emotional! but yet still nothing happened :/ no period or nothing! Arghhh :l 

  • Hi everyone, I've got my bloods back and they said my prolactin levels are way too high and I need to speak to a gp as soon as possible! Has anyone ever had prolactin levels too high and knows what it means? :/

  • Hello again anna, glad you finally have an answer and fingers crossed your gp  will be able to sort out the levels for you - I can't remember off top of my head which bit of the cycle prolactin is involved in but like them all it needs to be in ' normal levels' to function and as the stages are all linked I hope it will give you your cycles back x

  • Typical just rememberd something, it controls the fsh and lh hormones so if levels are out of whack you won't ovulate, hence a reason why no AF!  

    Its responsible for loads of things in the body but am fairly sure its sorts the hormones for ovulation in your cycle.

    Hope it helps and gets sorted out for you, x

  • Aw thank you! Maybe that's why my cycles were so messed up because of this hormone! I'll see what the gp says tomorrow, hopefully they can sort it as soon as possible, I've been waiting ages to get any answers from them :/ x

  • I haven't been this angry in ages! ???? I went to the doctors today to talk about my prolactin levels, only for them to check the results again and say that they're actually fine a d they've made a mistake.. they said anything above 600 is worrying, mine were 250 last month and 150 this month so nothing to worry about ???? I'm relieved that it's nothing bad, but annoyed that they've made a mistake and made me worry for no reason! I've got hospital appointment next Wednesday so I'm hoping they'll be able to give me a bit more information about what might be wrong ???? the doctor looked at my blood tests and other tests and said everything seems to be fine so they don't understand why I'm missing my periods -.- I hope I'll get to the bottom of this soon causeit's becoming more and more frustrating!

  • I have similar issues to this! I have never had a regular period, even after going on to contraception. This is something I always checked with the doctor to which they said this is normal and not to worry. My periods eventually stopped when I changed my pill, again I asked the doctor to be told that the pill I was on sometimes stops any bleed. 

    In June I came off my pill as in September we married, so like other couples wanted to start a family soon after. Since June I have had no period still, after speaking with 3 doctors in the meantime I was referred for ultrasound on my overies to check for cysts on my overies. These came back as normal so my doctor then referred me for blood tests last week. Hopefully today I find out the verdict!

  • Hi SA17,

    just wondering how you got on with blood tests? I’m currently waiting for an appointment to have a scan and also to have some bloods as I have not had a period for 6 months since coming off the pill. 


  • I've had irregular cycles since they started, and plenty of perfectly normal blood tests and sonograms. I have an oddly shaped uterus but that might not even be relevant, according to the docs. Basically I worried if I could have a child. Now, I'm a mother to a two year old with the same old irregular cycles problem and no clear diagnosis. I don't complain because when my period does show up, I'm in a world of pain, nausea and whatnot. Wish I could find the problem and fix it. Plus all the articles about cancer risks from delayed periods are driving me nuts. 

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