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worried 19 year old!

I started the pill on Thursday 16th april. I had no idea where I was on my cycle as I had come off the injection a month early and my period hadn't come back normal yet. I decided to start taking the pill then. me and my partner had sex 4 days later, however we are not 100% sure I was fully protected by this point now looking back on it. April the 28th and I'm experiencing quite sore nipples, I'm very dizzy all the time and my body is shaking like I have done a marathon and have no energy! I have been researching to see if anyone else has had sore nipples and dizziness when starting the pill but it keeps coming up with early pregnancy symptoms. Am I being ridiculous or is there any possibility I could be that (to me) scary word...

I am only 19 and really quite worried now. I don't see any point in taking a test as it wouldn't show anything up as it's too early to tell I think.


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