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faint line on pregnancy test

I took a pregnancy test today and I got a really faint line on it

 I don't know if this could mean I'm pregnant or if there is a false positive because I'm using a cheap pregnancy test (I bought it at the dollar store) I asked my boyfriend and he says that he can only see one line but I can clearly see the second faint line. Should I take an other one tomorrow in the morning, I am not late yet my period is due tomorrow but I don't feel like I always do before my period comes that's why I decided to take a pregnancy test. Could that line mean I'm pregnant? Thank you for your aswers


  • Hi..its hard to tell but in my case that second faint line told me that i was positive..i was pregnant..i tried again in morning and  still 2faint line im a mommy of supercute 19 month old boy

    ..are you taking contraceptives?if yes and you dont miss it,theres nothing to worry about..sometimes pregnancy kit fails

  • I can see 2 lines give it a few days and the line should get darker xx

  • Hi i done two tests today and the same thing happened.

    did u find out if you were pregnant or not?

  • imageDoes anyone see a line

  • I can see a 2nod line on the 1st pic but there's no 2nd line on 2nd picture sorry, but to the 1st one looks positive try again in a few days :-)

  • Confuse if  positive or  negative, line is very faint, it showed after 1-2 mins. When the test starts working. I'm still 4 days  away from  my period  date. image

  • I'm so confused did this happen to anybody befor imageimageimage

  • Post withdrawn at user's request

  • Evaporation***

  • Confused0087 Looks to me like a positive.

    Was it within the time frame? If so I would definitely say that it was a faint positive. I would retest in a couple of days :)

  • imageHi everyone. I did one last night and this morning. Do you think its positive??? 

  • image

    Hi ladies, I need some advice... is there a line there or am I going mad??? My sister and friend said they can see it but only slightly... I'm 4 days over due my period, I have sore boobs, I've been all over the place emotionally the past 2 weeks, and I can't finish my dinners as I feel sick. I had my coil removed 2 months ago and I have an appointment tomorrow to have a new one fitted. I have done 2 tests, the one I did last night I couldn't really see anything but the photo I've put up was first thing this morning. What do you think? 

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