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Male Factor Fertility Issues - Support Thread!

I couldn't see a recent thread for this topic so I hope it's ok to start this one! the idea of this thread is for those of us who have been confirmed as having some sort of male factor issue in our TTC journey and to chat through what we're doing or have been advised to do to help.

Maybe some intros first?

I'm tayto, 33, H is 34 and we've been trying for about 14 months now. All my tests have come back fine however H's first SA showed sperm count of 7.5mil (half the recommended 15mil) and forms (morphology) of 3% (recommended is 4%). We've been advised for H to increase exercise, improve diet with leafy greens and reduce alcohol plus take zinc. All of which he is doing and now we are waiting for the results of the follow up test as it's been 3 months since the first one. I've also had a HyCoSy which I'm hoping may make me nice and fertile!

Who's next?! 

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