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Wanting to conceive but had and STD for a few months

I'm fairly young and my Fiance and I want to try for a baby before the wedding so we can announce at the event. A few months ago I found out a previous partner of mine gave me chlamydia back in december/november and we caught it in march. I took the pill and everything but my biggest fear is that my tubes are closed. my mom said the procedure to find out is very painful but if I absolutely need it to find out, I'm willing to do it. Did I have it long enough to cause that much damage?


  • Firstly, don't pin your hopes on being able to announce your pregnancy at the wedding - it sounds like a lovely idea but may not happen so I would recommend you safeguard yourself against being upset on the day if you're not pregnant.

    Secondly, If you're based in the UK, they will not carry out the procedure to check your tubes unless you are chlamydia free for more than 12 months. It's not terribly painful - I've just had it as part of our fertility tests and I found it ok - uncomfortable but definitely bearable however I know others have found it a lot worse.

    Finally, If you only had chlamydia for a few months, I would imagine you should be ok but I believe STD's can affect people in different ways. I would suggest you make absolutely sure you don't have it and then go for it with your partner and start TTC'ing - don't worry about anything unless a few months pass without any sign.

    If you want to be absolutely sure everything else is ok, I'd recommend temping and using ovulation predictor kits as they will show if you're ovulating and when so that you can have the best possible chance of conceiving.

    Best of luck! x

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