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Need some help 😊🍼

Hiya i need some help and advise. 

I got diagonosed with pcos when i was 16 (27 now) ive never had regular periods in my life. Ive been on yasmin for about 5 years. It just about makes my periods regular lol 

my partner and i are trying to have a baby, this im 100% certain its going to be a hard thing considering we have unintentionally tried for a year and nothing has happened. 

I have a doctors appointment booked for the end of this month to speak to the doctor about pills etc that ive read up about that help u ovulate. But i was wondering if anyone could suggest anything naturally. Do the conceiving vitamins help ? Or any other hints ? 

I goto the gym and have lost 1stone and a half thanks to slimming world. My bmi isnt normal but its not far off. 

Any advice would be fab ??? 

Thanku xx


  • Hi princessgirl I don't have pcos but I don't ovulate and my periods are all over the place. I tryed for 2 years and nothing happened I went to gynecologist and they put me on clomid in 2009 got pregnant month 5 got a little girl who's nearly 5. Went back on clomid in feb got pregnant on month 4 im currently 6 weeks pregnant. Good luck x

  • Hello I'm new here but if ANYONE can help me with this question please because I'm lost......Can you ovulate and have sex the first and second day of ovulation and fourteen days later have a period but be pregnant? Because for the past 2weeks I've been having pains in my stomach and I've been VERY nessus and qizzy headaches off n on.....are these signs of pregnancy?? HELP ME PLEASE SOMEONE

  • Have u taken a test ? U can still have a period at the start of pregnancY. But id take a test x

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