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24 with endometriosis, is now the best time to start ttc?

Hey ladies, I'm new here and looking for some advice and support as many of my friends don't understand my journey and what I am going through...

In April this year I was diagnosed with Endo and had a laposcopy, I have had pains for as long as I can remember and it took a long time to get diagnosed. I am now facing the effects of endo (fatigue, pain, pelvic inflammation, reduced mobility etc) 

As soon as I heard the words my first thought was "I need to start trying soon, I don't want the choice taken from me" I am very scared that I will have difficulty conceiving. I feel that my body has settled down from the surgery now and my parter (28) is ready to start trying, but I keep becoming nervous/anxious about it actually happening. Things like my job, money, living arrangements all come flooding to my mind and freak me out. 

I know how silly this may sound and most people might say that I'm not ready but I do feel a natural urge, i'm just not sure if these feelings and nerves are normal? 

Am I wise to think that it's best to start trying now, before theres a possibility I may become infertile or need IVF. I am also thinking about my energy as a younger lady and my ability to bend down and be active with my child which could be effected when my endo comes back (which is undoubtedly will)

I feel like i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place image so any words of encouragement, advice or personal experiences would be a big help.

Thank you xx


  • Hi bumblebex , didnt want to read and run .. i dont have endo but theres alot of fertility issues in my family so i kind of can relate to where your coming from.. i dont want to sound like ive got the 'oh to hell with it' attitude but the way i see it is u can keep putting it off until u have more money ,career , house or whatever and yes whilst all these things are relativley important can u imagine if u got yourself in the ideal situation for a child and then found having children isnt possible. Ive spent months if not years being insanely broody and now ive allowed myself to realise im ready yeah i get doubts but i see at more as cold feet as its such a massive life changing decision.. the way i see it im always going to do it at some point so these cold feet thoughts are always gunna creep in wether it be now or i keep putting it off. I hope ive been some help to you xx

  • Thank you for your reply, sorry to hear about the difficulties you may face. I think that these fears are quite natural with or without fertility issues. I agree with what you said about having cold feet now or when I'm older and deep down I know that even with everything 'ready' you will always have those fears and nerves. I love the idea of being a mum and maybe I just need to relax and embrace what is to come...

    Best of luck to you, thank you for your comment image


  • No worries .. i just want you to know that yeah i have moments of being really scared about it but realistically its true to say its the unknown ive not got any kids so obviously its scarey... my family have managed to have kids but there has been alot of upset along the way unfortunatly. I was once told theres no right time no perfect amount of money to have before having a baby. Its scarey to picture a baby and the future but i think its alot more scarey to picture my future with no child..good luck in your journey when u hold ur baby i think u will be at peace with your choices xx

  • Hi BumbleBex I am 25 and also got diagnosed with Endometriosis in April this year and my thoughts are exactly the same, i feel like a ticking time bomb and the one thing i want in life is a baby and the though of struggling kills me!! My gyane has told me the more you worry yourself and the more it puts your body under pressure as long as its not severe over the ovaries and fallopian tubes you have as good a chance as anyone else and Im sure you are aware things like pop pills and the coil can preventing it spreading in the mean time. Im waiting for our mortgage to be approved and get a house stored so we can start trying but its means so much more than just a mortgage to me mortgage means baby! I'm going to start taking pregnacare vitamins also to boost things in my body! Everything happens for a reason and theres always a way so don't worry about finances etc most babes come unplanned and people find a way around imageimage keep positive. I hope this has helped knowing your not alone!! xx

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