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PCOS: unsure of what to do....

I've just found this website on google and thought i'd give it a try and ask for help!!

To cut a long story short, I am 26, married and was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18

I am ttc and have a fertility specialist (who I last saw in July)

I have been taking Metformin for nearly 6 months now (3 a day) and I have had 2 periods

From my last period, I worked when I should have been ovulating and when to expect my next period....... it never came, so I waited and after 5 days took a pregnancy test which came back negative

Waited a week and took another one (this morning) and that was negative as well

I don't know if I am so desperate to have a baby, that I'm convincing myself that I'm having pregnancy symptoms sick feeling (at night) chest hurts when I press and tired

No sign of my period at all

Anyone ever experienced anything like this?Any advice on what to do?Does / can PCOS affect pregnancy test results?

Help...... imageimage

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