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Ttc for 6+yrs

Hi will try and keep this brief, I have pcos and been ttc for 6yrs have been on metformin, clomid, pregnyl and menopur and currently on letrozole with no avail ???? I've recently lost over 3 stone and periods for the first time have regulated, i haven't taken any tablets for at least 5 months now due to side affects (all pregnancy symptomns) but this month my period is very late and had nausea and very light spotting has antone fell pregnant after not taking fertility treatments after such a long time, I still haven't tested as I think I would just be disappointed as I am every month ???? thanks in advance 


  • I've had no experience in ttc with pcos etc but the only advice I can give is buy a first response test. I know it's disheartening when it's negative( I do have experience in that!) but be strong as you may just get an exciting end resultimage Well done with the weight loss too that's a fab amount to shift

     Good luck and let me know how you get on?!! X
  • Hi I did several tests this afternoon and all came back positive it is completely surreal ATM hasn't quite sunk in properly yet thanks for the advice ????????????????????????????

  • That's brilliant news yaay!! Congratulations xxx

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