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Hello I have a question I missed my period in July so I took 2 tests aug1 I started bleeding aug2 went to hospital but they didn't give me much of an answer they said I might have an early pregnancy while I was bleeding I took 2 more test and they both came back negative did I miscarrie I should say I did bleed kinda ALOT but not enough to fill a pad 


  • I know the feeling its called a chemical pregnancy 

  • Hello violeta thank you.... I'm scared becuase I'm afraid I can't have kids I got the BC shot that was for the 3 months and it took 3 years to go away so no periods so I talked to my doc and she put me on the pill so get my periods back was on it for 4 months got off in June and missed my period in July so a chemical pregnancy what is that did I miscarrie??

  • Yes its like a very early miscarriage thers nothing wrong with u a lot a woman get it and don't even know it they will just take it as a late period u just have let it body do its proses hope I helped u

  • Yes thank you violeta

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