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TTC for almost 13 Months: ADVICE PLEASE

me and my husband have been TTC baby #2 for almost 13 Months with no luck with my son I got pregnant within a month then went on Implanon for 3 years I had it taken out in June of last year my periods regulated for the most part then two months ago I missed a period completely then began to bleed heavily the following month and this month I was 3 weeks late and negative tests then started but I still feel starting to loose hope that ill ever get pregnant again the tests & the disappointment all over my husbands face when they are negative and my son asking why he isn't a brother are heartbreaking I want this baby so bad and I pray constantly that I can be blessed with another child I feel selfish bc I know there are people out there that cant have kids at all and I have had that honor and I know people have TTC a lot longer than me and the HELL it must be bc I already feel,,,im going to be tested for PCOS next month....any advice is greatly appreciated thanks in advance

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