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implantation or period??

I had unprotected intercourse on dec.25 and my period was due on dec. 31 my period was late on dec31 to jan1 but i got light pink bleeding that night of jan1 so currently i've been on and off bleeding till jan 4 so im wondering if its implantation bleeding since i was a day n a half late or could this be my period ?? I cant tell which and i also have sore nipples, using the rr frequently, and im very hungry therefore im confused , please help  


  • have you taken a pregnancy test ?

  • Hi,

    I need to get a sanity check on my symptoms:

    I am TTC and my timeline is: 

    Period 18th Aug, Sex 3-4th Sept, that weekend felt super tired and that continued. I was impatient and took a first response test on the 9th and it came back as a really really faint line, I thought a line is a line and this could be good...I then tested on the 10th and 11th and negative. I then started to spot on the 10th / 11th which looked line implantation, mucus with spotting on wiping but then on the 11th it got heavier and now it is like a period with cramps. I am not due AF until the 17th but so hard to just wait and see.

    I did have a miscarriage in May when I didn't realise I was pregnant. I really hope I don't have issue conceiving.

    Any wise words?.. 

  • Hi poppy, sadly only time will tell. Implantion bleeding can take many forms it seams, it possible you may have had a chemical pregnancy. If you can give it a few more days and re test again good luck xx

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