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Starting to give up!

I'm 22 and been with my partner for 4 years, I've been ttc for well over a year  a half! I've been to the doctors had all the tests done, scans on my overies, blood tests, internal examination, thankfully all is ok except I have a slightly tilted womb. My periods are basically non existant :( is anyone ting the same issues and what the next step for me would be? 


  • I have a retroverted wOMb and was advised to do it from behind and low and behold I got my daughter.  Ive also been pregnant twice since unfortunately miscarried on both occasion. Currently waiting for a sticky bean, getting depressed as 44 in March 

  • There is medication you can take that helps you get a period each month so you can then track ovulation:)If periods are few and far between can affect ovulation. I would ask your GP as if your periods are very rare you'll never know when you are most fertile!. With a regular cycle kicked in will be so much easier for you:) done give up hope. You are young and I'm guessing healthy too. Has your oh had his sperm levels checked as well? I think getting a regular cycle is the way to go then use opks(ovulation predictor kits) which are brilliant and have helped me fall pg many times:) good luck and I'll advise you with when you are most fertile should you need help xxx

  • Don't lose hope! 💗 I got pregnant with my first at 39 with a tyroid disease and a scarred cervix so bad my doc was shocked it opened for me to do so. Sadly I lost my angel at 10ish weeks due to that tyroid issue that I didn't know I had until afterward. Isn't it so frustrating when everyone around you is knocked up so fast?! My sister in law and my cousin and I were all pregnant at the same time and they had healthy ones. It's frustrating and sad to be in our shoes but....don't you dare lose hope my friend. The timing of your life just has a different trajectory than you thought. 

  • Oh I should add I got pregnant within 3 months witn all those issues only seeing my husband weekends due to work. Only BD'd 8 times that month. For us we don't chart we just BD every other day if we are both home. (would like to more but sex is very painful for me now.) I might start to chart just to make sure I'm ovulating but if you know you are just enjoy your man and don't stress all the craziness. I know easier said than done. 

  • I have gotten pregnant once & it ended in a miscarriage. I was similar age as you & have not tried to conceive yet since. I generally have very light periods (like, don't even need a pad or tampon), & I was told that my lining may be too thin to let egg attach well & be nourished. I was told that the next time I try, I should risks like stress, sex, too much activity & general unhealthiness. I am normal weight, not thyroid or other disorders, but under a lot of stress usually from my job in neuroscience. I also engaged in sexual activities during 1st trimester, which I know now to avoid next time.

    Things I've been doing in the meantime to increase my success in the future is staying more hydrated (to produce more blood), taking vitamins every day (to avoid folic acid deprivation) & also started taking birth control pills which I hope will increase my natural production of estrogen & progesterone in the long run.

    One thing that my doctors also told me is next time I should be on a progesterone supplement, as this aids the body in supporting the pregnancy & being in pregnancy mode.

    Sorry that you are having such a hard time TTC. I assume I will have similar difficulties in the future. I have not had all that testing that you're talking about, only talked with doctors & have some medical knowledge myself. Good luck going forward! The emotional part of it was the hardest for me. I have tried to de-stress my life since then & take care of my body 100%. :)

  • Thank you all for your comments! OH is waiting for results on SA so fingers crossed! It's so frustrating when everyone around you has babies or falls pregnant so quickly! I'm hoping they wil give me something to help ovulate as not had a period for around 8 months now xxx

  • Yes, seems like everyone is so quick to conceive! Something to consider- has your man's fertility been checked? Does he have any underlying conditions which lead to less fertility? What's his family look like (big or small)? If you're comfortable with his parents, you may has them how easy it was for them to conceive or what issues they encountered. You could also look online for plenty of resources to troubleshoot anything going on with him. Might as we'll work double time if you're already looking into your own fertility! Men are half the equation! Haha.

    To share a little, my husband had an unchecked, long-lasting case of Chlamydia before we had gotten together. It is estimated that he had it for about 5 years or more (it is commonly a symptomatic, so he was unaware. He also used to be clueless about STD testing & paid the price). Because of this past condition, his epidydmis has some scar tissue & so his sperm counts are lowered. -Just an example of how a man's body can impact the likelihood to conceive. You might consider it!

    Good luck!

  •  Let me tell you my story, as a ten anger I had awful cramping every month so my Gyno put me on birth control. After 5 years I met my husband and went off the birth control so we could try and start a family. After about two years I started questioning what was going on and kept being told I was too young for anything to be wrong with me, we just need to keep trying. After four years of no luck and my periods getting further and further apart I was diagnosed with PCOS.  I have done 9 rounds of Clomid 100mg over the past 11 years then was told my lining was too thin and was give Estrodial and Progesterone along with weekly ultrasounds then injections of HCG. 

    After living every moment by the calendar and taking a mountain of fertility pills and Metformin of 1500mg I had had enough. After taking yet another year off of all fertility meds I seen a new OBGYN who suggested I have an HSG done with a D/C. It's not fun and it is painful but with the pain of a monthly cycle I figured how bad could it get I make it through that each month and still function. I was told after the procedure I had several golf ball size polyps in my uterus and that was  probably what was keeping an egg from implanting on the uterus wall.  After having the procedure done I was told to wait three months and try to conceive again. I am now 6 months out from this and still have not had any luck.  I'm worried because I'm 34 years old 5'6 and weigh 280 lbs.  most OB or fertility specialist will tell women who have PCOS to try to conceive before the age of 35 because after that they're at too high of a risk for conceiving. I honestly don't know that kids are in my future but this disease is something  I will live with for the rest of my life. It's something that has taken it's toll not only on my body but on my marriage as well. 

     I honestly am starting to loose hope of conceiving a child since Im rounding the age of 35.... 

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