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Okay, this is kinda a long one. 

i was on microgynon for around 4 years, and ran out (daft I know) but carried on 'you know' without 'you know' but restarted on a different pill almost exactly a month later, however I had been to a clinic and they said I was a week late for my period! but I started the new pill pack the day I went, and it's now been 8 days since I started it and got a bleed yesterday through till today, and unsure of coming days yet. it's alot lighter than my periods usually are, however is very painful. I was told by the clinic I could be pregnant but the test came back negative and they told me to try the test again in 3 weeks. Basically, my question is, is the bleed likely to be my period or IB?? I hope I am pregnant though, and am confused why I may be having my period 8 days into my new pack pill?? HELP??

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